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FF005: Veve vs Indra

FF005: Veve vs Indra by femalewrestling-club

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Competitive wrestling in sexy outfits and tights. 11:15 min., filmed in FULL HD 1280x720/25p with 5.1 dolby surround. This one's a thrilling and fast paced competitive wrestling match starring the sexy and high spirited Indra, wearing a short black two piece outfit and black fishnet pantyhose against the awesome Veve Lane, wearing a one piece black swimsuit and blue tights. They both fight very hard and use every hold possible to gain a submission from the other fighter. Lots of brutal scissors, headlocks and choke holds, armbars, boston crabs and many other holds are used, even very painfull camel clutches. Submissions on both sides until one fighter gains final victory. This is simply a very exciting fight between two sexy and skilled female fighters!

11:15 minutes
662 MB
Female vs Female
2015-07-19 16:59:52
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