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Prostyle Pain
Prostyle PainProstyle PainProstyle Pain  

Prostyle Pain by Gia Primo: Fetish Icon & Bikini Warrior

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10 minutes
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Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
2015-01-13 02:50:40

Gia squares off against Johnny in a competitive match. Dressed in a bikini with leg warmers & sneakers, Gia is as confident as ever. Taking Johnny to the mat, she traps him a figure 4 headscissors. He wants to tap but she won't let him. She releases the hold & forces him into a backbreaker over her knee. Really amping up the stretch before shoving him to the mat & placing him in a camel clutch. She allows him to verbally submit & releases the hold to square off again. Johnny goes behind her for a quick adantage & thinks he has her, but Gia quickly puts an end to that dream. Back & forth they go before Johnny is able to catch Gia in a boston crab. Johnny really taunts Gia as he cranks on her aching back....really applying the pressure. Finally, Gia's incredible leg strength wins out & she is able to flip him forward & out of the hold. Squaring off once more, Gia chokes him against the wall before flipping him to the mat. Now, it's his turn to know what a boston crab feels like! Gia locks in the hold & sits back deep as he squeals in agony. After holding it for a bit, she releases the hold only to lock it on again. Sitting back deeper this time, poor Johnny has to tap. But Gia won't release the hold until he says please...and that Gia is stonger than he is. Gia has one last painful & humiliating hold planned. She ties his hands behind his back & flips him over into a cloverleaf. Not able to take the pain, he begs to be let go. But we all know Gia won't release the hold until SHE wants to. She starts the slow countdown from 5 to 1 then drops him to the mat. She rolls him over then straddles his beaten, ravaged body in a well deserved victory pose.

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