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1. Mysteria vs Emma Switch
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7. Legs Training II
8. Wrestling with Jeff III
9. Mysteria vs Jeff IV
10. Mysteria vs Jeff III

Lift & Carry:

Shoulder riding, piggyback, cradle, fireman's lifts
Mysteria & Emma Lift & Carry
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Mysteria & Emma Lift & Carry Direct Download! (Mp4, 418 MB)
Mysteria and Emma are having fun lifting each other in many different ways. They do shoulder riding, cradle, leg press, fireman's lift, front lift with a lot of squats and they show off their power and muscle.


Price: €8.00
Length: 9 minutes
Size: 418 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Lift & Carry
Added: 2017-03-26 19:11:49
Female Lift Carry
Female Lift Carry Direct Download! (Wmv, 180 MB)
Kasie Cavanaugh lifts Mysteria in a number of different lifts including cradle, fireman's lift, over one shoulder, calf raises, piggyback, shoulder riding and squats.../ HD

Length: 4 minutes

Price: €3.80
Size: 180 MB
Format: Wmv
Category: Lift & Carry
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Legs Training II
Legs Training II Direct Download! (, 120 MB)
Mysteria stretches her legs and calves and then carries 91kg Alex up 30 high steps. Then she compares legs with him to show that her legs are bigger!  / HD

Length: 3 minutes

Price: €3.00
Size: 120 MB
Category: Lift & Carry
Legs Training
Legs Training Direct Download! (Wmv, 244 MB)
Mysteria wanted to do a perfect shoulder riding squat video clip for you. But suddendly two idiots decide to run past the camera. We shoot again...This time her training partner decides to be scared of heights and nearly falls of her shoulders. So we do it again... Maybe it was not a perfect clip, but at least it was good leg training.../ HD

Length: 6minutes

Price: €5.30
Size: 244 MB
Format: Wmv
Category: Lift & Carry
Lift and Carry II
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Lift and Carry II Direct Download! (, 281 MB)
Jeff is very tall and weighs 90kg, but Mysteria has no trouble at all lifting him in different ways, including cradle, fireman's lifts and piggyback. At the end they compare leg size, guess whose legs are bigger!.../ HD

Length: 6 min

Price: €5.30
Size: 281 MB
Category: Lift & Carry
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