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M13: The break-up with Antscha
M13: The break-up with Antscha Direct Download! (Wmv, 833 MB)
This is the first movie with a real storyline from us! It features one of the best, the fantastic Hungarian wrestler Antscha who does not need any introduction to the wrestling fan right?! Antscha is looking forward to go out with her boyfriend Tom and dressed up sexy for him. But Tom did not make himself ready for going out and tells her that he has a new girlfriend and that she can go to hell. Antscha is in shock but makes one last wish: She wants to fight him on the mats. Tom makes fun of her and tells her that she is a woman and no match for him. And he is able to domiante her by putting her in a headlock. Antscha can not escape. But then Tom makes a huge mistake! He releases the hold telling her she is no good and walks away turning his back to her. Big mistake as the amazone jumps him like a cat from behind taking him down. And now the punishment for Tom begins. Will he be able to fight back or will he be totally humiliated by an angry ex-girlfriend?


Price: €11.00
Length: 20 minutes
Size: 833 MB
Format: Wmv
Category: Mixed
Added: 2016-03-23 19:58:21
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M12: Veve vs El Luchador rematch
M12: Veve vs El Luchador rematch Direct Download! (Wmv, 895 MB)
This is the long awaited rematch between Veve Lane and El Luchador! 100% competitive mixed grappling. El Luchador was not satisfied with his performance in the first match againgst Veve and has told her, that he has studied her moves and will give her a very tough time now. Veve just said:"That is great, so maybe I finally get a good workout then!". So talk to talk and let's grapple. After a fair handshake the two fighters go at each other with an obvious will to win. Veve is really fighting strategically as she starts off with a hard headlock inflicting pain already, but El Luchador does not seem to be too much impressed and withstands Veve's first hold. Veve then applies a tough bodyscissor pressing out the air of her opponent. The fight remains close and El Luchador also has his dominating moments. But in order to beat Veve and take away the win you need to have the perfect strategy and skills. Find out if El Luchador is able to finally wear this great female wrestler down and to get the victory!
Price: €9.00
Length: 16:00 minutes
Size: 895 MB
Format: Wmv
Category: Mixed
Added: 2016-03-10 21:51:58
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M6: Addie vs Lance
M6: Addie vs Lance Direct Download! (Mov, 507 MB)
Another naked battle of the sexes! Watch to well build bodies grappling as sexy Addie tries to subdue her male opponent lance. Holds are body- and headscissors, breastsmothering, facesitting, choke holds. A great victorypose from the winner in the end!


Price: €10.00
Length: 12:32 minutes
Size: 507 MB
Format: Mov
Category: Mixed
Added: 2016-03-09 22:44:45
Wenona vs Sebastian
Wenona vs Sebastian Direct Download! (Mp4, 713 MB)
Another great naked mixed wrestling fight between the brutal and skilled Wenona against her smaller opponent Sebastian. Wenona attacks him merciless from the beginning. She starts by lifting him up and smashing Sebastian to the ground just to show him what he is in for. Before he knows what happened he finds himself in a tight bodyscissor by the reckless amazon. Wenona loves to scissor males as she shows in this onesided bout. Gouilloutine and a brutal sleeper hold do damage on Sebastian who is just too weak and slow to put up a fight against the merciless Wenona. She also humiliates him with hard pussysmothering and pressing her feet into his face. Filmed in HD 1920x1080.
Price: €10.00
Length: 16 minutes
Size: 713 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Mixed
Added: 2015-10-12 15:00:12
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Jennifer Thomas vs Phil
Jennifer Thomas vs Phil Direct Download! (Mp4, 772 MB)
Another one sided real mixed wrestling domination match. Phil took quite a beating against the notorious Gia Primo. So we were astonished seeing him back asking for another match against a woman. We suggested Jennifer Thomas as an opponent this time. He agreed immediatly by saying ok I can finish this gal. Well, obviuosly he didn't know a thing about Jennifer Thomas but we are sure he does now. JT is simply just doing a slugfest with him and puts Phil quickly into a painfull hold, and then another and another and so on. Poor guy does not stand a chance and is being dominated like he was a wrestling dummy for Jennifer. Holds applied are: brutal tight headlocks, sleeperhold, gouilloutine hold, grapevine, head- and bodyscissors, armbars and many more. The taps from Phil come in regularly and are increasing as he is no match for tough cookie Jennifer. We will see if he comes back after this one... Filmed in HD 1920x1080.
Price: €8.95
Length: 17 minutes
Size: 772 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Mixed
Added: 2015-10-12 14:19:10
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Gia Primo vs Jeff
Gia Primo vs Jeff Direct Download! (Mp4, 1667 MB)
A great mixed wrestling battle between the beautiful and internationally known female grappler Gia Primo and a male opponent name Jeff. Jeff is not an experienced wrestler and thinks with a little training he should be able to beat Gia. The way it turns out he is meeting his personal armageddon as Gia dominates and punishes him merciless from the beginning to the end! Body- and headscissors, tight brutal chokeholds, armbars, headlocks, fast takedowns and mean facesitting are just a few of the holds she is using to punish her opponent. If you're into one sided domination matches, then this one is definetely for you! Filmed in brilliant HD 1920 x 1080 with 5.1 dolby sourround.
Price: €8.95
Length: 16:42 minutes
Size: 1667 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Mixed
Added: 2015-07-24 20:32:54
FM001: Diana vs Duncan
FM001: Diana vs Duncan Direct Download! (Mov, 673 MB)
This one is for all you panyhose wrestling fans out there. Watch the marvellous busty Diana, dressed in nothing but black sheer pantyhose, go up against the mixed wrestling legend Duncan in a fantastic fantasy pro style batte. Diana dishes out lots of punishment and puts Duncan in various painful holds, but Duncan has also his moments of dominance. Who will come out victorious at the end? ---filmed in 1920x1280 high quality (NO FULL HD)
Price: €6.95
Length: 16:29 minutes
Size: 673 MB
Format: Mov
Category: Mixed
Added: 2015-07-24 19:47:19
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