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Tattooed Terror
Tattooed TerrorTattooed Terror   

Tattooed Terror by Gia Primo: Fetish Icon & Bikini Warrior

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Someone is pounding on Gia's door & ringing her doorbell. She opens the door to find the "keyboard warrior". He's back for a rematch because it seems he thinks he was unfairly treated....that he didn't know it would be a truly competitive match & was unprepared. Well, he won't have that excuse when he loses this time as he knows going in. Starting on their knees, Gia extends her hand in a show of sportmanship but her douchebag opponent flips her off and attacks. Gia quickly gains the upper hand & after grapevining him, she locks him in a triangle chokehold. He has no choice to tap...but Gia isn't feeling too generous today & refuses to release the hold. He taps again to no avail & soon finds himself asleep & snoring. Once he awakens & collects what few thoughts he has, the 2nd fall begins. Somehow, he lucks up & manages to get Gia in a body scissors. Gia just laughs it off & as he tries to maneuver it into a headscissors, Gia flips him & locks him in a body scissors of her own...and I can assure you, he is NOT laughing. Tired of his paethetic grunting, Gia releases the hold & they lock up again. While jockeying for position, an inadvertent knee from Gia connects with his nose & breaks can see the red dripping from his nose. After taking a break to compose himself, clean up & whine like a bitch, the match continues. After a little back & forth action, Gia catches him in a combination body scissors & rear naked choke. Once again, he is forced to tap. Gia doesn't release the hold...only loosens it. Then, she cranks it up again forcing him to submit once more. The next fall starts, and he tries a quick cheat by standing up, but Gia is lightning fast & takes him to the ground where he gets trapped in her reverse headscissors. He isn't going anywhere! Tapping for all he's worth....which isn't much....Gia ignores him & keeps on the pressure. Multiple taps later, the keyboard wussier finds himself asleep & snoring yet again. Waking up in utter defeat, his humiliation isn't over. Gia forces him to kiss her ass before walking off & leaving him to sulk.

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Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
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