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Tattooed Terror 2
Tattooed Terror 2Tattooed Terror 2Tattooed Terror 2Tattooed Terror 2 

Tattooed Terror 2 by Gia Primo: Fetish Icon & Bikini Warrior

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Youtubeguy is back yet again to challenge the great Gia Primo. Whether he is a glutton for punishment or just plain delusional is unclear. But, he thinks he has found the secret to beating her this time. He watched the video of his previous loss. Great gameplan, Einstein! The living legend is so worried that she is wrestling in a little red dress! They start out on their knees & Gia quickly gains the advantage with a side headlock. He tries to force her into a headscissors but fails miserably. Gia maintains her offensive advantage then stretches him out in a painful grapevine. Every offensive move he tries meets with abject failure. Gia is just toying with him. Then she maneuvers into position & locks him in a triangle choke hold. He immediately starts squealing & Gia tightens the hold. He has no choice & taps out but Gia doesn't release the hold until he drifts of to sleep. Just look at his eyes. He has no idea where he is! Slumping against the wall, he tries to collect what few thoughts he has as Gia verbally taunts him unmercifully. Then she ditches the dress as she has built up a little sweat kicking this loser's ass. He tries for a sneak attack but isn't successful. What else is new? But this angers Gia & she takes him to the couch & starts punching the hell out of him until he begs her to stop. He ends up in a schoolgirl pin that turns into a smother. Try as he might he just can't escape. Gia is totally dominating him as she pulls him to the floor & wraps those world famous powerful thighs of hers around his head & amps up the pressure. He starts whimpering like a sissy but Gia isn't satisfied until he is out like a light again. Rolling him over, you get a great close up of his eyes & as he comes to & realizes where he is & puts up his arms in surrender. He wants to leave but Gia won't let him. She makes up new rules for his wrestling ...ahem...."ability". She won't use her legs anymore against him. Gia attacks & they roll around a bit. She catches him in a headlock but he weasels out if it. He tries his best to avoid her but makes the critical mistake of offering her his back & Gia pounces. Trapped in a rear naked choke, loserguy has nowhere to go. He does have a split second of smartness & pretends that he has gone to sleep so Gia will let him go. But, she realizes his ruse & traps him in the hold again. This time she doesn't let up until he is out for sure. He comes to & Gia calls the match because he just can't measure up. She walks off leaving him laying on the mat.

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Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
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