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Alpha Female 3
Alpha Female 3Alpha Female 3Alpha Female 3Alpha Female 3Alpha Female 3

Alpha Female 3 by Gia Primo: Fetish Icon & Bikini Warrior

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2014-12-23 22:00:12

Gia comes into her mat space for a session & finds Sumiko waiting for her. It seems that Sumiko has been telling session guys that she is stronger & prettier than Gia and can beat her up whenever she wants. Not happy with Gia's recent destruction of her, Sumiko wants a little revenge. So the ladies hook up. But not for long as Gia's quickness catches Sumiko by surprise & she ends up in a rear naked choke bodyscissors combo. Soon, the Asian beauty is drifting off to sleep. But Gia is kind enough to wake her up by putting the bottom of her sexy foot across her lips. Before she can get her bearings, Sumiko's head finds it's way between Gia's thighs in a crushing headscissors. Tapping out, Gia will only release the hold if Sumiko tells her she is prettier & stronger but Sumiko says no, so Gia cranks up the pressure. Soon Sumiko is complimenting her like crazy, but it's too late. Gia sends her to dreamland. Waking up, Sumiko relaizes she has bitten off more than she can chew & tries to leave. No dice! Gia's tells her she has 3 more falls to go & locks her ribs in a side scissors. Sumiko wants out but Gia will only let her go if she kisses her chest muscles. Sumiko agrees & puckers up for the Primo pecs. But it wasn't to Gia's satisfaction, so she crams Sumiko's face in between her boobs & breast smothers her. Too bad theres no air in there...and poor Sumiko finds herself asleep once again. She wakes up to find Gia's sexy foot on her mouth once again. Only this time, Gia makes her kiss & lick her gorgeous foot....even suck her toes. But the humiliation doesn't end there. Gia gets a make-up pencil & writes "Gia's" on Sumiko's forehead, Then she puts her to sleep once again by sitting on her throat. The pencil comes out again & Sumiko is marked as Gia's property. A buttdrop wakes her up & then she is forced to worship Gia. Starting with her perfect feet, Sumiko kisses the Primo peds....then up her legs....then her sexy six-pack abs....and finally her flexing biceps. Thrown to the floor, another throat sit leaves Sumiko dreaming for the last time...and knowing without a doubt that Gia Primo IS the alpha female!

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