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Alpha Female 4
Alpha Female 4Alpha Female 4Alpha Female 4Alpha Female 4Alpha Female 4
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Alpha Female 4 by Gia Primo: Fetish Icon & Bikini Warrior

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2014-12-23 22:09:51

Gia is waiting on her opponent when in she walks. Jacquelyn Velvets is friends with both Devon & Sumiko and has heard what Gia has done to them. So, she decides to take Gia on for herself. A quick kick to the stomach catches Gia off guard but she quickly recovers & returns the favor. Then she scoops Jacquelyn up & piledrives her into the mat & right into dreamland. Gia kneels over her face in a victory pose & counts to ten. Standing up, Gia places her sexy sweaty foot right on Jacquelyn's mouth & wakes her up. After an insult, Gia wraps her legs around Jacquelyn's midsection in a bodyscissors & squeezes tight. She increases the torture with a full nelson then a rear naked choke. The latter forces her poor opponent to drift off once again. Gia uses her foot on Jacquelyn's face as an alarm clock a second time. Now, she locks the redhead in yet another crushing body scissors. To further humiliate Jacquelyn, Gia forces her face between her breasts then tells her to kiss. Thinking she will be let go, Jacqui obliges. But Gia has other plans & soon Jacqui is snoring yet again. Waking her up with her feet once gain, this time Gia forces her toes into Jacqui's mouth & makes her suck them....then makes her lick her foot. Gia doesn't like the attitude she is getting, so she pins Jacqui's arms to her side, straddles her & breaks out the pen! Writing "Gia's" on Jacqui's chest. Gia proclaims the redhead her property. Jacqui wants up & Gia lets her, but quickly shoves her face first into the mat & clamps on a camel clutch but modifies it with a rear naked choke. Once her opponent is sleeping again, she writes "property of Gia Primo" on her stomach before rolling her over & writing her name on Jacqui's ass! The redhead is none too thrilled with her appearance once she awakens. In order to end her nightmare, she must worship Gia starting with her perfect foot. Then up her body to her legs, abs, chest, biceps & triceps. But she has one final lesson to learn. Gia forces her to the mat & sits on her throat in a peach press. Jacqui struggles but it's not long before she is out again. Gia flexes in a victory pose while seated on her victim & counts to ten. Proving to yet another inferior woman that Gia Primo IS the alpha female!

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