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Sleepy Struggle
Sleepy StruggleSleepy StruggleSleepy Struggle  

Sleepy Struggle by Gia Primo: Fetish Icon & Bikini Warrior

Direct Download!
17 minutes
413 MB
2015-01-20 18:23:04

Gia & Keri engage in a little catfight. Gia is decked out in black lingerie & pantyhose while Keri is clad in pink lingerie & is barefoot. Gia quickly gains the advantage & locks Keri in a rear naked chokehold....while simulatneously she is sensuously rubbing her nylon clad feet on Keri's legs in a grapevine then a body scissors. But Gia isn't interested in a submission. Oh no. She is more interested in provocatively playing with her prey. Moving her seductively around on the floor in various breath depriving positions until finally Keri succumbs & drifts off to sleep. As her playtoy naps, Gia removes her pantyhose very sexily then straddles Keri waking her up. Placing Keri in a couple lengthy breast smothers weakens her considerably then Gia lets her go & tells her to defend herself. That doesn't last very long as Gia gets behind Keri & starts hand over mouth smothering her while keeping her arms trapped. Gia even starts pinching Keri's thighs with her nimble toes. Another rear naked choke combined with a body scissors starts weakening Keri again....but Gia throws in a few more toe pinches to keep Keri awake. Now laying on top of her, Gia throws in a few more breast & HOM smothers before rolling on to her back. Now Keri is stuck in a body scissors & breast smother combo. Squeezing her powerful thighs around Keri's ribs until she says she can't breathe....and Gia releases her allowing her to catch her breath. Sitting behind her again, Gia puts Keri in a rear naked choke again then starts bearhugging her while pinching her with those evil toes. One final rear naked choke/HOM/body scissors combo finally ends Keri's sesnsual torture as Gia leaves her prey to dream about what just happened to her.

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