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Lift & Keri

Lift & Keri by Gia Primo: Fetish Icon & Bikini Warrior

Direct Download!
11 minutes
372 MB
2015-09-21 16:22:24

Gia decided to do a video for all of her lift & carry, sleepy/sleeperhold fans. This is for you! She matches up with Keri Spectrum in a best 2 out of 3 falls match & you get to decide who looks sexiest as they are put to sleep and carried around for the winners amusement. Starting off on a bed, the ladies lock up. Gia takes Keri down, but Keri quickly gets on top & places her forearm across Gia's exposed throat. Gia fights it but it's not long before she drifts off to sleep. Round 1 goes to Keri. Now Keri gets to have her fun with Gia's limp sexy body. Dragging her sleeping victim to the edge of the bed, Keri throws Gia over her shoulder in a fireman's carry & walks her around the room. Then she deposits her back on the bed where she stands over her & grabs both arms swinging her like a ragdoll. Gently waking Gia up, the ladies get ready for round 2. Locking up on the bed once again, Gia quickly gains the advantage & catches Keri in a rear naked chokehold. Struugling, Keri's eyes start to roll back in her head & you know it's not long before it's lights out! Round 2 belongs to Gia. Flapping Keri's arms around like she's flying, she even makes Keri wave hi to you! Trying to pick Keri up in her arms proves to be a bit heavy, so she slings Keri over her shoulder into a fireman's carry & walks her around the room. Only instead of taking her back to the bed, she puts her on the couch. Then, the kind Gia goes & gets a stool & places Keri's feet on it so she can rest comfortably. Then wanting to have some fun, Gia sits next to her sleeping victim & wraps her arm around her like their girlfriends. To wake her up, Gia gently tickles her ribs. Not amused at the change of scenery, Keri suggests they go for the rubber match. Round 3 finds one lady being caught in a triangle choke followed quickly by a headscissors. She tries to claw her way out but then her hands are grabbed & she has no choice but to drift off to dreamland. From there she is just putty in her victors hands. Firerman carried to the couch where she is woken up only to be put back to sleep by a neck nerve pinch. Then she is stretched out on the couch & left to wake up & wonder what happened.

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