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2. Gia Primo vs Max Mikita REMATCH
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Mixed Wrestling, Scissors:

Keyboard Warrior Rematch
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Keyboard Warrior Rematch Direct Download! (Avi, 294 MB)
After running his mouth and suffering a crushing & humiliating defeat at he hands of Gia, youtubeguy drank some bravery juice and decided he wants a rematch. Seems he felt that he wasn't at his best & Gia took advantage of Gia is more than willing to oblige! First, Gia takes him to the ground in a headlock then she traps him in a painful grapevine. Listen to him whine! He escapes while Gia is adjusting her top & they square off again. Baldy tries for a double leg takedown but Gia clamps onto his noggin & gains the advantage. Soon he finds himself trapped in a figure four headscissors that morphs into a regular reverse headscissors. Anyone that has had the privilege of being trapped between Gia's powerful thighs knows there is no escape.He starts tapping like a drum but Gia toys with him before releasing the hold. But Gia doesn't let up & forces him back on the mat where she locks on a very lengthy headscissors. Her object? Make motormouth cry...and she comes close! She turns it into a figure four headscissors before locking on a triangle choke. She squeezes so hard it makes him sick & he is followed into the kitchen where he is bent over the garbage can. He decides he has had enough & Gia thinks the match is over. But after resting, he decides he wants one more go. He gets "lucky" & traps one of Gia's hands behind her back....and she still has the advantage on top of him with a forearm to the throat. Then Gia has him pinned when he tries to kick her off with his legs. Bad move as Gia traps them & bends him into a very unsexy pretzel. He is forced to tap again & ends up in yet another triangle choke before being put to sleep in a reverse headscissors. Gia wakes him up & helps him to his feet then kicks him in his tiny balls. Not satisfied, Gia stands him against the wall & unleashes a brutal kick to his pebbles that drops him to the ground in unbelievable agony. Gia tells him there won't be another rematch as she walks off & leaves him to compose himself.
Price: €7.50
Length: 13 minutes
Size: 294 MB
Format: Avi
Category: Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
Added: 2015-03-16 23:45:41
Prostyle Pain
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Prostyle Pain Direct Download! (Mp4, 290 MB)
Price: €7.50
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 290 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
Added: 2015-01-13 02:50:40
Keyboard Warrior
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Keyboard Warrior Direct Download! (Avi, 151 MB)
Price: €9.00
Length: 11 minutes
Size: 151 MB
Format: Avi
Category: Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
Added: 2015-01-02 21:26:33
Psycho Spy Cam
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Psycho Spy Cam Direct Download! (Mp4, 652 MB)

Gia is a spy with lots of high tech toys. Locating her target with the use of one of her drones & a wallet GPS tracking device, she surprises him at his hideout. Not happy to be discovered by a sexy woman in a vinyl catsuit, he calls her a bitch & the beating begins. Starting out with a reverse headscissors, Gia squeezes until she hears him start to snore. Coming to, he realizes he is in trouble as Gia starts punching & kicking him...even locking him in an armbar as she administers hard booted kicks. he wants to know what Gia is after but she isn't after anything but having fun torturing her prey. Forced to suffer a straight headscissors then a figure four headscissors, he realizes he won't be able to buy his way out of this beatdown. More brutal punches, slaps & kicks start to tenderize her hapless victim. Another tight headscissors & he is sleeping once again. Throwing him onto the couch, Gia unleashes a torrent of punches to his midsection causing him to beg for mercy. Standing him up, she traps him in a headlock & slaps his face then kicks him in the nuts. The beating gets more intense with knees, kicks, stomps & punches to his gut. Then, it's a bodyscissors & chokehold combo before she starts more booted kicks to his already beaten abdomen. Complaining about being abused by her boots, she agrees to take them off....but only after sending him to dreamland again, which she does. Another headscissors wekaens him & she kicks him in the face with her foot. In doing so, she causes him to leak a little red from the nose. Nowhere near done, it's another crushing bodyscissors for him to suffer....which shifts to a reverse headscissors & soon he is snoring yet again. Throwing him on the couch once more, you see the action from her point of viwes as he slaps, kicks & punches him. Then the point of view shifts to his as the beating continues....looking like you are the one being beaten mercilessly by Gia. Slumping against the wall, one last punch sends him to the ground. It's time for the coup de gras as Gia locks him in one last crushing reverse headscissors & sends him to sleep once more. Gia slowly sneaks out & leaves her destroyed victim to dream about what she did to him.

Price: €12.50
Size: 652 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
Tattooed Terror 2
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Tattooed Terror 2 Direct Download! (Mp4, 582 MB)

Youtubeguy is back yet again to challenge the great Gia Primo. Whether he is a glutton for punishment or just plain delusional is unclear. But, he thinks he has found the secret to beating her this time. He watched the video of his previous loss. Great gameplan, Einstein! The living legend is so worried that she is wrestling in a little red dress! They start out on their knees & Gia quickly gains the advantage with a side headlock. He tries to force her into a headscissors but fails miserably. Gia maintains her offensive advantage then stretches him out in a painful grapevine. Every offensive move he tries meets with abject failure. Gia is just toying with him. Then she maneuvers into position & locks him in a triangle choke hold. He immediately starts squealing & Gia tightens the hold. He has no choice & taps out but Gia doesn't release the hold until he drifts of to sleep. Just look at his eyes. He has no idea where he is! Slumping against the wall, he tries to collect what few thoughts he has as Gia verbally taunts him unmercifully. Then she ditches the dress as she has built up a little sweat kicking this loser's ass. He tries for a sneak attack but isn't successful. What else is new? But this angers Gia & she takes him to the couch & starts punching the hell out of him until he begs her to stop. He ends up in a schoolgirl pin that turns into a smother. Try as he might he just can't escape. Gia is totally dominating him as she pulls him to the floor & wraps those world famous powerful thighs of hers around his head & amps up the pressure. He starts whimpering like a sissy but Gia isn't satisfied until he is out like a light again. Rolling him over, you get a great close up of his eyes & as he comes to & realizes where he is & puts up his arms in surrender. He wants to leave but Gia won't let him. She makes up new rules for his wrestling ...ahem...."ability". She won't use her legs anymore against him. Gia attacks & they roll around a bit. She catches him in a headlock but he weasels out if it. He tries his best to avoid her but makes the critical mistake of offering her his back & Gia pounces. Trapped in a rear naked choke, loserguy has nowhere to go. He does have a split second of smartness & pretends that he has gone to sleep so Gia will let him go. But, she realizes his ruse & traps him in the hold again. This time she doesn't let up until he is out for sure. He comes to & Gia calls the match because he just can't measure up. She walks off leaving him laying on the mat.

Price: €12.50
Size: 582 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
Tattooed Terror
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Tattooed Terror Direct Download! (Mp4, 467 MB)

Someone is pounding on Gia's door & ringing her doorbell. She opens the door to find the "keyboard warrior". He's back for a rematch because it seems he thinks he was unfairly treated....that he didn't know it would be a truly competitive match & was unprepared. Well, he won't have that excuse when he loses this time as he knows going in. Starting on their knees, Gia extends her hand in a show of sportmanship but her douchebag opponent flips her off and attacks. Gia quickly gains the upper hand & after grapevining him, she locks him in a triangle chokehold. He has no choice to tap...but Gia isn't feeling too generous today & refuses to release the hold. He taps again to no avail & soon finds himself asleep & snoring. Once he awakens & collects what few thoughts he has, the 2nd fall begins. Somehow, he lucks up & manages to get Gia in a body scissors. Gia just laughs it off & as he tries to maneuver it into a headscissors, Gia flips him & locks him in a body scissors of her own...and I can assure you, he is NOT laughing. Tired of his paethetic grunting, Gia releases the hold & they lock up again. While jockeying for position, an inadvertent knee from Gia connects with his nose & breaks can see the red dripping from his nose. After taking a break to compose himself, clean up & whine like a bitch, the match continues. After a little back & forth action, Gia catches him in a combination body scissors & rear naked choke. Once again, he is forced to tap. Gia doesn't release the hold...only loosens it. Then, she cranks it up again forcing him to submit once more. The next fall starts, and he tries a quick cheat by standing up, but Gia is lightning fast & takes him to the ground where he gets trapped in her reverse headscissors. He isn't going anywhere! Tapping for all he's worth....which isn't much....Gia ignores him & keeps on the pressure. Multiple taps later, the keyboard wussier finds himself asleep & snoring yet again. Waking up in utter defeat, his humiliation isn't over. Gia forces him to kiss her ass before walking off & leaving him to sulk.

Price: €12.50
Size: 467 MB
Format: Mp4
Category: Mixed Wrestling, Scissors
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