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This service will provide you with a plug and play shopping cart for your business. You can sell and securely deliver digital goods and/or shipped goods without nee your own merchant account. Here you can sign up your own studio in
We pay out 70% of all sales, no servercosts, system upload or Ftp (free FTP Software you can find here ), all vendors get your own site, also you can generate an separate buy button so can used on every site or community where you want, payout made after 100 Dollar earned every 15th or 1.† of a month this you can choose by yourself
first upload 1 movie-clip then we set your site to active
You allowed only upload or sell clips/movies which you have the full copyright or you are the owner
Biggest format of one movie is 1.5GB
All actors or models must be 18 years of age or older in any clips, videos or images.

On the link site you can use our banners for promoting your site which we recommend to show outside in the world wide net your new Shop

You donít have any risk and can open your own store, we start very soon big promoting and you can earn here money while sleeping

The system offers you a large option of promoting points, integrated Facebook, Twitter and my space button
Easy offering Downloads and DVD option
Discount and gifts are no problem, you will very easy and soon work with our system and find out its perfect for you. In Future we will integrate many more features.

To open your store only open the site
Then on top of the site click the button OPEN A STORE

Here you will find our banners and link site
You can choose if interest one of our banners with backlink and we can added yours to our site

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+ You can sign up your studio and open your stores immediately (after 1 clip), no waiting and no setup fees

+ Your own stat and report in admin area

+ choose your payout method ( wire or paypal)
+ You can set your payout from 100 EUR to 10.000 EUR

All owners are self response for Vat in the country where they live

Before signing up , please be aware that we can not allow , child porn, horror, snuff, animal sex, necro, blood, scat, vomit, fisting, pissing ( peeing ) or crushing of animals of all kinds.

If you need any help or any other question please feel free to contact us by emailing to

So now start your own business, without costs, on secured linux server with very high bandwith and big traffic for lot of customers. After signing up you get all details, username, passwort, ftp datas and so on via mail

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