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Privacy Policy
 The following discloses our information gathering and disseminating practices. This Policy also instructs you on what procedures to take if you do not want to receive communications from us other than those required for account maintenance.


Our  services are directed to adults over the age of eighteen. Persons under the age of eighteen should not submit information to the website. If a minor has provided us with personally-identifiable information, a parent or guardian of that minor should contact us at info@wrestling-movies.com


We use contact information to send the user information needed to maintain their membership account, to contact them when necessary, and to notify them of news about our company.    We may use this data to tailor our visitor's experience at our site, showing them content that we think they might be interested in, and displaying the content according to their preferences. This information is shared with advertisers on an aggregate basis only.

We do not track any information about visitors once they leave our website. We may use cookies to collect this information. We may also allow unaffiliated third parties, such as advertisers, to serve cookies to visitors of our website. You are always free to decline cookies, but in doing so they may not be able to use certain features on our website.


Our company does not rent, sell or share personal information about you with any third party  If as a result of the business transition, the members personally identifiable information will be used in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection members will be given choice consistent with our "changes to our privacy policy" below.


This website contains links to other sites. Please note that the website is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other sites.  Examples of this type of information include the type of Internet browser you are using, the type of computer operating system you are using, and the domain name of the site from which you linked to our website. Internet advertising networks such as some of the 3rd parties used on this site are currently the focus of regulatory and legislative scrutiny concerning the breadth and ultimate use of information collected from sites like the website.


You are responsible for providing all equipment and the computer necessary to access the Site. We reserve the right to modify the Services and the Site's design at anytime, with or without prior notice. You may become a Studio Member of the Site by completing an online registration form, which must be accepted by Us.


The copyright of all content uploaded by You is retained by You. You may not upload content for which You do not own the copyrights. Any Studio Member found uploading material that they do not have rights to will have all their stores closed and all funds frozen.


We will inform users of any change to this privacy policy either by posting a notification on the main page of the site or via email, unless you have opted-out of receiving email from us.


If you've any further questions and need any further information feel free to contact us at our email address info@wrestling-movies.com

Refund policy

Media credit purchases are non-refundable. In the event that a refund is made, there will be a $10 processing fee assessed due to costs levied to Us by the banking and credit card institutions
This site provides access to video and photos immediately after the payment is processed. Due to the nature of downloads, we uphold a no refund policy. The customer is responsible for ensuring their order is correct before purchasing the media content. Please report any errors during the payment or access to info@wrestling-movies.com We'll try to solve each problem as soon as possible. Fraudulent and/or abusive behaviors as well as disputing the transaction with the issuing bank will result in immediate disqualification from future sales. We take fraud very seriously and will actively report cases of fraud to the authorities for prosecution.

General terms & conditions

The contract partners are the final customer, called USER and Wrestling-MoviesPO Box 3014,2180 AH Hillegom NL, called PROVIDER and furthermore all store owners, hereafter called Vendors and affiliate , called AFFILIATES.

The PROVIDER offers internet content, which will be charge  of various payment possibilities.

The subject of the contract between USER and PROVIDER is the handling of a payment transaction in the Internet, which, after successful payment, authorizes the USER to call up non-free Internet content.

The PROVIDER currently makes available to the USER the following methods for handling payment transactions for the use of non-free online offers:
- Credit card via Verotel/CCbill/and Paypal

manual handling via wire or paypal

. Payment is made through an encrypted connection SSL encryption

The USER can cancel the payment process at any time before the payment form is finally sent.

The PROVIDER will collect, process and store the data required for performing and billing for services. These data are content data, usage data, and billing data, provider and/or access data, and cookies.

Using these services is only permitted to USERS who are at least 18 years old and considered adults under the laws of the country to whose personal statute they are subject .

The Vendors  provide their payment information (bank account, cheque adress, etc.) to the PROVIDER. The Vendors set a minimum payout value for their stores. All payouts are calculated at the 1st of each month, the payment will be send out on the 15th of a month at the latest.
The payout fee for a wire transfer is 20,00 Euro

The PROVIDER checks all orders for fraud risks. If there's a probable cause he may stop the order from processing and refund the money to the creditcard holder within 3 days after the initial order. If the PROVIDER refunds the order value within 3 days the Vendor  will get no payout for this order. If a chargeback or refund occurs more than 3 days after the order the Vendor will yet receive the payout.

If the Vendor upload video and photo content without having the rights to sell this content the PROVIDER will terminate the STUDIOS account immediately, remove the copyrighted content and all funds will be restrained.

All websites are allowed to promote www.wrestling-movies.com as long as they don't have illegal content on the website or infringe copyrights in any way.

The AFFILIATES provide their payment information (bank account, cheque adress, etc.) to the PROVIDER. The AFFILIATES set a minimum payout value for their account. All payouts are calculated at the 1st of each month, the payment will be send out on the 15th of a month at the latest.

The PROVIDER reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions of Business in the future, all will get an info via mail